What Adhesive Sticks to Silicone?

Are you wondering what adhesive sticks to silicone the best? As silicone is a rubber-like substance (not rubber), not all the glue or adhesive can adhere to them perfectly.

And because of such a characteristic, people always struggle to find the right adhesive for silicone.

However, does this mean there are no adhesives suitable for silicone?

Well, no. There are more than a few types of glues good for silicone. And I have listed and discussed what adhesives stick to silicone in detail for your convenience.

What Adhesive Sticks to Silicone?

While some adhesives work wonders to stick silicone, others aren’t as effective. Here is a list of the best glues that attach silicon successfully. 

1. Silicone Adhesive

As the name suggests, a silicone adhesive is a special type of glue that is made of polymer and silica to attach silicone to other surfaces effectively.

Because it is made exclusively for silicone, this adhesive creates a strong and lasting bond with silicone surfaces that isn’t easily breakable. 

Moreover, as this glue is super flexible, unlike the others, you can use it easily on surfaces. Because it doesn’t get rigid easily, you have the freedom and time for a perfect adhesion.

Also, as silicone is transparent, this adhesive creates a clear, transparent bond that doesn’t show off easily. 

Another thing about the silicone adhesive is that this glue is resistant to a lot of external factors. It doesn’t matter if you expose it to high heat, chemicals, water, or even electricity; the bond it creates won’t melt or come off easily.

Advantages And Limitations of Silicone Adhesive


  • Super flexible and easy to use
  • Resistant to high heat, water, and chemicals
  • Good insulator of electricity and is safe
  • Creates strong, durable bonds on silicone
  • Transparent for user convenience


  • Takes longer hours to cure properly
  • It might cost you more than other type of adhesives.

2. Epoxy Adhesives (EA)

Epoxy Adhesive is the most common, versatile, and effective type of adhesive out there. Made from a combination of resin or epoxy polymer and a hardener, this thermosetting adhesive can create a strong bond with silicone in no time.

The bond this adhesive creates with silicone is so strong that it doesn’t get affected by high heat,  extreme stress, or weather conditions. It will join and adhere to silicone and other surfaces for a strong, permanent, and robust bond. 

Another very versatile advantage of Epoxy resin adhesives is that they come in a variety of forms to make them easy and effortless for you to use. 

Advantages And Limitations of Epoxy Adhesives (EA)


  • Creates a super strong and durable bond between surfaces
  • Dries down to a clear color for users’ convenience
  • Resistant to heat and chemical


  • It takes long hours to dry and cure properly.

3. Cyanoacrylate Adhesives (CA)

Most commonly known as the “Super glue,” the Cyanoacrylate adhesive (CA) works extremely well for silicone surfaces.

It creates a super-strong bond between the silicone and other surfaces that doesn’t come off anytime soon. Be it high heat,  chemicals, or any other external factors, this adhesive doesn’t get affected and messes up the bond easily.

That’s not all. Made with cyanoacrylate, the super glue dries super fast and works even under pressure and moisture. 

Even when you are using it on the silicone surface, the strength of the bond or the durability won’t be affected much. 

Advantages And Limitations of Cyanoacrylate Adhesives (CA)


  • Creates a super strong and durable bond
  • Doesn’t get affected by high heat or chemicals
  • Works on a variety of surfaces
  • Fast-drying and quick
  • Comes in convenient packaging


  • Use this glue with safety precautions
  • It might get glued to the skin if not handled properly.

4. Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)

Another glue that works well to stick silicone is the Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA). As the name suggests, pressure-sensitive adhesives are a special type of glue activated when pressure is applied.

Made with an intelligent combination of acrylate polymer and rubber, the pressure-sensitive adhesives are mostly labels, tapes, and stickers, creating a strong bond with the silicone surfaces. 

Because this adhesive comes in solid form rather than liquid or stick, it works especially well on the smooth, even surface of the silicone. 

Advantages And Limitations of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA)


  • Suitable for silicone and other type of plastics
  • Incredibly easy and fuss-free to use
  • Instant adhesion; no curing time is required
  • Comes in transparent and colorful options
  • Wide range of thickness options


  • Not resistant to high-temperature
  • Not as durable as the others.

Editor’s Opinion

From the above discussion, I hope you have found your answer to what adhesive sticks to silicone successfully.

If you are still confused, review the list again, know about these adhesives, and then make an informed decision. I am sure you won’t be disappointed after buying an adhesive from my above list. 

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