Tarp Tape Vs. Gorilla Tape

The Tarp tape is strong and made for repairing minor holes and lightweight materials. The Gorilla tape is stronger, cheaper, and made for heavy-duty repairs.

Key Takeaways 

  • Tarp tapes are polymeric woven adhesive tape with strong tearing strength and tolerance in highly humid conditions.
  • For extra layered adhesion with versatile compatibilities, Gorilla tapes are good in bonding and adhesion.
  •  Both are great tapes with bonding facilities but can be differentiated with environmental durabilities and physical compositions.

Regarding repairing any material or item, if you are looking for a better tape between Tarp tape and Gorilla tape, you must follow the Tarp Tape vs. Gorilla Tape article for clarification. 

In repairing and attaching heavy-duty materials, adhesive tape is a crucial tool, and these are two reliable tapes on the market.

At this point, you might get this challenging about selecting one for your job. Therefore, you can follow this article and find out which tape is good for your work. 

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Tarp Tape Vs. Gorilla Tape

What Is Tarp Tape?

The outstanding characteristic of sustaining in highly humid conditions makes the Tarp tape unique. Helps to repair tarps, hanging or draping poly sheeting.

These Polyethylene base tapes are stronger than any normal duct tape with a strong back part. 

Compared to other duct tapes, it has a more flexible design that generates a tight seal for excellent patching. 

Tarp Tape

What Is Gorilla Tape?

With strong adhesion, Gorilla tape has strong bonding ability in different materials and substances.

No matter if it is for outdoor work or professional tasks. Gorilla Tapes always knows how to satisfy its users with a better experience.

This rubber and vinyl-based tape has tough and reinforced backing with a tight woven composition that provides strength but is still easy to tear with a hand. 

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Main Differences Between Tarp Tape And Gorilla Tape

Both Trap and Gorilla tapes have strong adhesion and securing abilities. Depending on the particular job, each tape has unique characteristics.

Yet, comparing them side-by-side can help you understand their similarities and differences more clearly.

Tape Material

Tarp tapes are usually made of poly and vinyl as primary material. 

Rather than other duct tape having a cloth-backed tape with polymer coating, tarp tapes have poly fabric weave, making them stronger and more durable than tarps.

On the other hand, Gorilla tapes have double layers of adhesives with strong reinforced backing.

They contain rubber-based adhesive, which is 2x thicker than regular duct tape.

Compatible Materials

Tarp tapes are excellent for awnings, covers, tents, hay covers, shelter, and silage bags. It provides strong adhesion to bond any materials.

The Gorilla tape sticks to smooth, rough, and uneven surfaces like wood, stucco, stone, metal, brick, and vinyl.

Compatible Projects

The thing about Tarp tape is that it’s preferable for small holes or tears but not large damages. In that case, you might get help from experts for repair.

As for Gorilla, this highly concentrated rubber-based adhesive makes the tape two or three times thicker than other duct tape. 

As a result, this helps to fill gaps and penetrates rough surfaces. 

Gorilla Tape


Tarps are manufactured to perform stably in unfavorable weather conditions indoors and outdoors. Have an elegant resistance to UV and water for longer periods.

Gorilla tape works better at higher temperatures of 0°C and best at room temperature. If the tape adhesive is frozen, it can also work after keeping it at room temperature.

This tape sustains indoor or outdoor conditions with adverse, impactful weather. Unlike normal duct tape, Gorilla tape can resist water and UV rays better. 

However, it is often disliked by users for its poor performance in humidity.


Since Tarp tape is used for permanent repair, it is unlikely that you can remove it, at least not without noticeable damage.

Gorilla tapes are also difficult to remove and leave a residue. These tapes are not as suitable as electrical tape.


My experience tells me the Tarp Tape is more expensive than the Gorilla tape.

However, the cost can vary depending on various factors. So make sure to compare them properly before buying.

Which One Is Better?

Tarp tape has the unique feature of tolerance to highly humid conditions due to patching holes or tears in tarps. 

These tapes are analytically stronger than any duct tape. With a back of woven poly fabric, it gives the same strength as a tarp.

On the other hand, the Gorilla tapes are strong in bonding and adhesion. The tape is durable in unfavorable environments with water, higher temperature, and UV resistance.

But it is also unsuitable for long-term use in highly humid conditions. 

The discussion illustrates that both tapes have unique abilities in particular applications. 

But comparatively, the Tarp tape has more strength and durability in humid conditions than Gorilla tape.

Editor’s Opinion

Picking up the better tape between the Tarp tape and Gorilla tape is challenging unless you know the proper application of these. 

If you’re looking for tape to seal seams or patch holes or tears of fabric-type materials or tarp-type materials, then Tarp tape is best for you. 

If you’re looking for strong adhesion that can grip rough and uneven surfaces, go for Gorilla tape.

If you are confused, going through the Tarp Tape vs Gorilla Tape comparison once more can help for sure.

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