JB Weld Clearweld vs. Original 

JB Weld Clearweld is a fast-setting adhesive, and JB Original is the stronger one. JB Clearweld comes in a syringe that makes it better for precise application. 

Article Highlights 

  • JB Weld Clearweld is a quick-setting bond with a syringe for easy use. 
  • JB Weld Original has a stronger bond than the previous one that can be used for both automotive and DIY usage. 
  • JB Weld Clearweld is the faster one, and JB Weld Original is the stronger one. 

When choosing a JB Weld product, you must first get into the detailed description of both. 

According to the JB Weld Clearweld Vs. Original comparison, you need to choose the best for you. 

JB Clearweld is a bonding agent in a syringe for a quick application. 

On the other hand, the JB Weld Original is the stronger one that can be used on different surfaces. 

To know better, dive into the detailed comparison below. 

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JB Weld Clearweld vs. Original

About JB Weld Clearweld 

JB Weld ClearWeld is a multipurpose, two-part, quick-setting epoxy that provides an excellent bond on surfaces such as plastics, tile, ceramic, wood, glass, metal, and more. 

This product can create a solid and long-lasting bond. Also, it provides a clear and transparent bond that makes it more versatile. 

Besides, it comes with a syringe, making it easier to use than tubes. You need to use it by mixing in a 1:1 ratio. All you should do is dispense, mix the parts, apply, and dry. 

JB Weld Clearweld

Moreover, it sets fast. It takes 5 minutes to set and an hour to cure completely. It has an improved formula that forms a permanent bond. 

Also, it has a tensile strength of 3900 PSI. So, if you want a strong bond, JB Clearweld is the one. 

You can also use it on automotive applications, brick, concrete, glass, composites, PVC, cloth, carpets, and more. 

Another good thing about this product is it is resealable and includes a no-waste cap. That’s the reason it prevents air from coming into the product and ruining it. 

Further, the product also includes a mixing tray that makes it a whole package. You don’t need to buy anything regarding the bonding process. It is one of the best, with a fantastic bonding strength. 

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About JB Weld Original 

JB Weld Original is a cold-steel reinforced epoxy. It is a two-part epoxy that ensures high-quality epoxy products. 

It provides a long-lasting, strong outcome that can be used on multiple surfaces. You must only mix it in a 1:1 ratio for a perfect result. 

Besides, it forms a permanent bond that can be shaped, tapped, drilled, sanded, and even filed after curing. JB Weld Original is highly effective in the harshest environments, too. 

It needs 4-6 hours to set and 15-24 hours to cure and to turn grey. The Original Cold Weld is an alternative to traditional torch welding. The product uses reactive chemistry to create the strongest bond possible. 

You can use it on various surfaces like automotive, household repairs, crafts, marine, plumbing, etc. 

Moreover, it is easy to use and resistant to chemicals, fuel, and water. Use it on different materials like metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, PVC, tile, fiberglass, aluminum, concrete, and more. 

The best thing about the product is it is versatile. It has a tensile strength of 3960 PSI. So, to get a permanent bond, you need to prep, mix the parts, apply, and dry. 

JB Weld Original is suitable for any household, DIY, or automotive application. 

JB Weld Original

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JB Weld Clearweld vs. Original: Detailed Comparison 

Both the JB Weld Clearweld and the Original one are high-quality products. They are good in their ways but different. Check out the detailed comparison of these products and be sure which one you want to use. 

Product Type 

Both products are different. JB Clearweld is a two-part, multipurpose product with a quick-setting feature. It dries clear and transparent. 

On the other hand, JB Weld Original is a cold-reinforced epoxy. It is also a two-part product that provides a permanent bond. 

Tensile Strength 

JB Weld Clearweld has a tensile strength of 3900 PSI, whereas JB Weld Original has a tensile strength of 3960 PSI. So, the JB Weld Original one is stronger than the Clearweld one. 

Setting And Curing Time 

When it’s about setting and curing time, the JB Clearweld is considered the quick-setting bond. It takes only 5 minutes to set and an hour to cure completely. 

On the other hand, the setting time of JB Weld Original is 4-6 hours, and the cure time is 15-24 hours, which is a lot compared to JB Weld Clearweld. 

Editor’s Opinion 

If you want an easy-to-use product that provides quick outcomes, JB Weld Clearweld is the one. 

But if you want a stronger bond, you should go with the Original one. The choice is yours. 

Get into the details, then choose which is best for your requirements. 

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