JB KwikWeld Vs. JB Weld | In-Depth Comparison

When it comes to the fact that you need to choose one product for the repairing purpose, you can choose from many JB Weld products. 

JB is an international brand, and it produces different effective products for various purposes.

From household repairs to automotive purposes, JB Weld and JB KwikWeld products are the best. 

To clear out the confusion and decide which is better, let’s dive into this JB Kwik Vs. JB Weld comparison below! 

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Article Highlights 

  • JB KwikWeld is mainly the faster setting version of the original JB Weld. 
  • JB Kwik is faster than the original JB Weld and can be used on different surfaces. 
  • JB Weld has better tensile strength than the JB Kwik, so JB Weld is considered the stronger one. 

JB Kwik Vs. JB Weld

About JB KwikWeld

JB Kwik is a fast-setting version of JB Weld. It is a quick-setting steel-reinforced epoxy. It has a higher strength formula with a tensile strength of 3127 PSI. 

It comes in a paste consistency that makes it easier to use. It works on surfaces like plumbing, marine, crafts, automotive, household repairs, etc. 

Moreover, you can use it on materials like PVC, tile, fiberglass, wood, metal, plastic, brick, concrete, ceramic, and more. 

KwikWeld is a two-part epoxy cold weld that provides long-lasting and robust repairs to metals and other materials. 

The good thing is it sets within minutes. The setting time is only 6 minutes, and the cure time is around 4-6 hours. 

JB KwikWeld

As it is a two-part product, you must mix these parts to make a permanent bond. The process is explained as prepare, mix, apply, and dry. 

After being correctly cured, it forms a permanent bond that can be fixed, shaped, tapped, filed, drilled, and sanded. 

You need to mix the parts in a 1:1 ratio then use it as usual. Besides, it can withstand 230°F/110°C. 

Also, when fully cured, it becomes waterproof, chemical-resistant, petroleum-resistant, and acid-resistant. Overall, it is a good one for multiple uses. 

About JB Weld 

JB Weld is the original cold-weld steel-reinforced epoxy. It is a two-part, non-toxic epoxy with long-lasting outcomes. 

JB Weld is an international brand that produces permanent strong bonds to metals, plastics, wood, ceramic, concrete, tile, and more.

You need to mix these two parts into a 1:1 ratio to use and get the bond on metals and more. 

The best thing about JB Weld products is they can be sanded, drilled, tapped, shaped, and filed. It sets in 4-6 hours and cures in around 15-24 hours. 

JB Weld is highly effective in even the harshest environments, using reactive chemistry to create the strongest bond possible. 

You can use it for household repairs, plumbing, crafts, automotive, marine, and more. 

Moreover, it is easy to use and resistant to water, chemicals, and fuel. JB Weld has a tensile strength of 3960 PSI, which labels it as a strong one. 

You must follow the steps- prep, mix, apply, and dry. It can withstand 550°F/287°C. To get superior performance, quality, and results, JB Weld is the best one. 

JB Weld Original

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Detailed Comparison Between JB Kwik and JB Weld

To know the difference between JB Kwik and JB Weld better, you must check out the detailed comparison below. 

Product Type 

JB Weld is the original cold-weld reinforced epoxy. On the other hand, JB KwikWeld is a fast-setting version of the JB Weld. So, the JB Kwik one is the better one if compared. 


Regarding strength, JB Kwik has 3127 PSI tensile strength, and JB Weld has 3960 PSI. So, JB Weld is much stronger than JB Kwik. 

Setting & Cure Time 

JB Kwik sets in just 6 minutes, whereas JB Weld takes 4-6 hours to set. When it’s about curing time, JB KwikWeld takes 4-6 hours to cure, but JB Weld takes 15-24 hours, which is huge. 

So, for those who want a fast setting and curing adhesive, JB KwikWeld is the one. 

Editor’s Opinion 

In my opinion, JB Weld should be your choice as it provides a stronger and permanent bond. If you don’t have any issues with a slow setting and curing time, choose JB Weld. 

However, if your priority is fast processing bond, go for JB KwikWeld as it sets within minutes. Select one according to your preference. 

Wrap Up 

As you know all the features of both the products, you can choose one that matches your choice. 

According to all the details about the JB Kwik Vs. JB Weld comparison, the JB Kwik is the faster one, and the JB Weld is the stronger one. 

Select one accordingly and get the perfect repair! 

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