Gorilla Double-Sided Tape Vs. 3M Tape

The Gorilla double-sided tape is robust, stronger, and has a higher temperature resistance than the 3M tape. The 3M tape is more versatile and adheres better.

Key Takeaways

  • Gorilla double-sided tapes are high in tensile and tear strength and require a shorter time to achieve standard adhesion.
  • When the material is polyethylene and polypropylene, then 3M Tape is the better option with a longer adhesion claiming process.
  • Both tapes have strong bonding characteristics with different physical and chemical properties with different materials.

Gorilla double-sided tape and 3M tape are undisputedly good options if you want to place or mount any object in a place. 

Both have a great ability to attach such stuff as plastic, metal, wood, or glass in desired places.

So, if you are looking for double-sided tapes, you can get clarification about Gorilla Double-Sided Tape vs. 3M. And for that, keep reading this article to get to know which is better for you. 

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Gorilla Double-Sided Tape Vs. 3M Tape

About Gorilla Double-Sided Mounting Tape

For quick and easy repair and mounting, there is no better alternative than the Gorilla double-sided adhesive tape.

This tape is thick on either side, which allows it to mount heavy-duty objects, and you don’t have to worry about them coming off.

It is super easy to use, and the availability of various sizes makes the tape more convenient.

Gorilla Double-Sided Tape

About 3M Double-Sided Mounting Tape

One of the most popular and reliable products in today’s market is 3M tape.

With strong bonding properties, this acrylic foam-made tape provides a strong performance.

3M tapes are easy to use and don’t cause any ruin. By taking a preferred size or length and applying this on the required surface. 

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Detailed Comparison of Gorilla Double-Sided Tape and 3M

When it comes to super strong adhesive tapes, both Gorilla and 3M tapes are two popular choices. But even these strong tapes have their differences.

Let’s take a look!

Tape Type

The Gorilla double-sided tape contains an industrial-strength adhesive that makes it durable and reliable for mounting a variety of things on various surfaces.

And the 3M double-sided tapes are made with high-grade acrylic foam. The viscoelastic properties in some of these tapes make them suitable for most surfaces.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

The Gorilla 1.41-inch wide tape can be used to mount and attach items indoors and outdoors.

The 3M tapes also work proficiently in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Effectiveness and Strength

With high tensile and shearing strength, double-sided Gorilla tape has tremendous adhesion ability. 

Apply vertically, and this tape can hold up to 30 pounds adequately. Each 2-inch of this tape can hold up to 24 pounds.

On the other hand, the 3M tape is comparatively weak. It can only hold 3 lbs of weight with every 2 inches of tape. 

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Application Material and Surface

The Gorilla tape can be used on smooth and rough surfaces like rugs, carpets, flooring, wood, stone, brick, metal, ceramic, stone vinyl, plastic, paper, etc.

Besides, this tape is very easy to use for mounting or hanging stuff on the wall, like name plates or clocks, without any nails, screws, or any mechanical operation. 

As for the 3M tape, it gives a durable performance in heavy jobs such as installing large, heavy tools, teaching materials, greenhouse traps, posters and photo frames, nameplates, LED boards, etc.

3M Tape

Application Process

Applying the Gorilla double-sided tape is really straightforward. 

 Just cut in the desired size and apply on the substance. Then, press the tape firmly and peel off the transparent portion of the tape.

The same goes for the 3M mounting tape. All you have to do is press the tape gently on the area and peel it off the tape backing to attach your stuff.

Temperature Resistance

I have noticed that both Gorilla and 3M tapes are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

The Gorilla double-sided tape can withstand 194°F to 302°F continuously.

Unfortunately, my experience was not that good with 3M tapes. It can only resist temperatures up to 250°F. 

Yet, I would say it does a great job if you plan to use the tape indoors or in the vehicle interior.


The 3M Tape strengthens with time and gets proper adhesion after 48 hours.

But if you want to ensure a durable bond, I suggest waiting at least 72 hours to let it cure fully.

On the other hand, the Gorilla Tape claims its proper adhesion strength within 60 seconds. However, it takes a few hours for the adhesive to cure properly.


If you are a clean freak like me, you will find the Gorilla mounting tape highly convenient.

Since the tape comes in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, you can easily choose what fits your purpose.

Thus, you can avoid using tools for trimming and avoid making a mess. Also, it doesn’t leave any residue on the surface area, making it easy to use.

3M tape is eligible to replace screws, rivets, spots, messy liquid adhesives, and welding.

This double-sided foam is a substitute for grinding, repairing, and drilling. 

Which Is Better?

Both of these tapes are outstanding in their outputs. And they can hold a number of heavy items in static and dynamic conditions. 

Also, they have high tensile and shearing strength. But in some cases, there are slight differences between these two tapes. 

Unlike 3M Tape, Gorilla Double-Sided Tape doesn’t adhere well to plastics like polyethylene and polypropylene materials. 

Some users agree that this tape doesn’t do well in humid environments.

At the same time, the 3M tape does not come off in such an environment. But its tensile strength is lower compared to the Gorilla tape.

As a result, comparing the Gorilla double-sided tape vs. 3M might not be enough as these tapes have different characteristics that are efficient for particular tasks. 

Editor’s Opinion

Indoor or outdoor or even about upholding in water or high temperature, both of these tapes are great choices. 

However, if you are looking for narrower and better tape for polyethylene and polypropylene materials, then go for 3M tape.

You can choose the Gorilla double-sided tape if you want wider and higher tensile and shearing strength.

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