Gem-Tac vs E6000 – Detail Comparison

This Gem-Tac vs E6000 article addresses your question of which is better between Gem-Tac and e6000.

Article Highlights

  • The gem-tac is more specific to decorating purposes and has no odor, toxicity, or fumes.
  • With more durability and adhesion strength, the e6000 is much more versatile than specific to any particular kind of task, with better affordability and less unwanted toxicity.
  • These glues are best in their territories, with different chemical compositions, strengths, durability, and affordability.

Gem-Tac and e6000 are very reliable with their performances for different types of crafting or hardware-related activities.

Even if you are an amateur or professional, these glues can be handy tools in daily life. 

But following this article, knowing through all the information about these two glues, you can decide easily to keep one according to your needs.

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Gem-Tac vs E6000

Viscosity8000 cps75000 cps
Color After CuringClearClear
ResistanceWater, Temperature,  UV, FlameWater, Temperature, UV, Flame, Abrasion and Chemical

About Gem-Tac

Gem-Tac is a glue manufactured by Beacon. This glue is manufactured explicitly for securing gems and rhinestones.

With premium quality, this glue is compatible with wool, canvas, faux leather, linen, denim, velvet, suede, etc.

It comes in a tube with an airtight cap and has a white color. After drying, the glue gets a clear color.


Therefore, this can be used proficiently in attaching mirror-backed stones, which does not alter the look of the stone. 

Besides that, the attached decorative items can be washed after curing as the glue has higher water resistance. 

Gem tac is a non-toxic glue with no odor. Also, it doesn’t have any toxic or harmful fumes. It gives a strong adhesion and flexible texture when cured, which is also non-flammable.

The UV exposure and shock resistance make it much more durable with time and hold the required particles firmly in one place.

The glue has a thin consistency that helps to spread easily on the surface, and the narrow nozzle helps to dispense accurately.

It takes 1 hour to dry and 24 hours to fully cure. 

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About E6000

E6000 is renowned for its versatility in different conditions and material surfaces. With industrial strength, this glue has strong adhesion and potently delivers a strong bond.

One of the unique features of this glue is it has terrific resistance to several adverse impacts like shock, moisture, temperature fluctuation, UV exposure, flame, abrasion, chemical contact, etc. 

The glue can withstand between -40 to 93 ºC. With all these characteristics, the bond sustains and performs well in the long run.

E6000 is compatible with glass, ceramics, metal, wood, masonry, concrete, plastic, vinyl, rubber, leather, etc. 

However, the e6000 glue is unsuitable for polystyrene, polyethylene, and polypropylene plastics.

The glue comes in a tube packaging with a needle-shaped narrow nozzle. The glue is made with a composition of tetrachloroethylene and butadiene copolymer.

This solvent-based glue is self-leveling and thick in nature. A thin nozzle makes it easy to dispense easily on required surfaces. 

It takes 2-10 minutes to set up and 24 hours to cure. After curing, the glue looks clear and doesn’t get yellowish.

Considering all these facts, this glue is also printable, photo-safe, and washer or dryer-safe.

E6000 Glue

Which One is Better? Gem-Tac or E6000?

These two glues are excellent in their specific fields. Therefore, both these glues are pretty much different.

The e6000 is much more relevant than Gem-Tac regarding adhesion and bonding strength. Following the strength of the glue, the e6000 has industrial strength. 

The gem tac is a glue more specific to attaching gems and rhinestones. But the e6000 is more versatile for different purposes like repairing, sealing, patching, holding, etc.

Having these qualities, the e6000 is toxic and has an odor besides toxic fume. On the other hand, the Gem-Tac doesn’t have any of these. 

But again, when it comes to resistance to different impacts, comparatively, the e6000 goes one step ahead of Gem-Tac.

Also, the e6000 is much more affordable than the Gem-Tac.

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Editor’s Opinion

The core characteristics of these glues have already been discussed in detail. Following this information, you need to figure out for which purpose you are about to purchase one of them.

If you are looking for a versatile glue with all the common and unique features at an affordable price point, then the e6000 is undisputedly a better option.

Here again, you are to choose a glue specifically for attaching your gem or rhinestones for decoration or making jewelry. Then the gem tac is good for you.

But here, e6000 also can be used for jewelry making or rhinestone attaching and can be set in less time for 2 to 10 minutes, but gem tac takes 1 hour to dry. 

Keeping these all aside, if you are concerned about toxicity, odor, or fume, Gem-Tac is undoubtedly a better option.

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