About Us

Welcome to Gluey Aid

Meet Marty, Jack, and Benjamin: Your Friendly Glue Guides!

Hey there! We’re Marty, Jack, and Benjamin – a trio passionate about glues and their super-sticky powers. Our goal? To make understanding glues easy and fun for you!

Marty Sealey

Marty has been exploring glues since he was young. He knows heaps about different glues because he’s tried tons of them in his projects.

Jack Thompson

Jack loves making things stick! He’s fantastic at finding cool ways to use glues for various projects. He’s like a glue wizard!

Benjamin Harris

Benjamin is our glue scientist. He knows the science behind glues and can explain it in a way that makes sense to everyone. He’s our glue genius!

What We’re Here For

We’re here to be your glue buddies:

  • Helping You Choose Right: We test many glues and tell you which ones work best and when to use them.
  • Easy Tips and Tricks: We share simple ideas to help you use glues better for your projects.
  • Fun Projects: We’ll guide you step-by-step to create awesome things using glues you probably have at home.

Let’s Explore Glues Together

Jump into our world of glues! We want to share what we know, learn more, and help you with your glue adventures!

Got a question or a cool idea to share? We’re always excited to hear from you! Contact here.

Happy Sticking,

Marty, Jack, and Benjamin