3M Weatherstrip Adhesive Yellow Vs. Black

Both 3M Weatherstrip yellow and black adhesives are used to create durable bonds on plastic, rubber, metal, fabric, etc. They are also permanent and waterproof.

Key Takeaways

  • The 3M Weatherstrip yellow adhesive is stronger, more permanent, and more suitable for repairing automotive parts.
  • The 3M Weatherstrip black adhesive is more versatile and can withstand heat and water, but is expensive.
  • The black adhesive is more popular as it is easier to conceal than the yellow one.

Ever since the 3M Weatherstrip black adhesive was introduced, many users, including me, wondered if it’s the same as the yellow one. 

That’s why I compared the 3M Weatherstrip adhesive yellow vs. black to understand their features and differences.

And if you are as curious as I was, this comparison article will help you out.

3M Weatherstrip Adhesive Yellow Vs. Black

Overview of 3M Weatherstrip Yellow and Black Adhesive 

The 3M Weatherstrip adhesives are designed solely for bonding gaskets and seals. 

Yet, you can use them for sealing a range of materials, such as fabric, metal, rubber, and even metals.

These versatile adhesives are trustworthy for creating a permanent bond and cure within 24 hours.

The only significant difference they have is the color: black and yellow. And the price too!

3M Weatherstrip Adhesive Yellow

3M Weatherstrip Adhesive Yellow Vs. Black: Features Break Down 

If you plan on using the 3M Weatherstrip adhesives in the future, the comparison below will help you.

Adhesive Type

Both 3M Weatherstrip yellow and black are flexible gel-type adhesives and come in tubes of various sizes.

The 3M Weatherstrip yellow is a neoprene rubber adhesive, and this type of adhesive is well-known for offering a stronger and more permanent bond. 

On the other hand, the 3M Weatherstrip is a synthetic elastomer adhesive, known for performing well in any weather condition.

Compatible Materials

The yellow 3M Weatherstrip is best for automotive parts. It can be used to repair car trunks, doors, roofs, etc.

I often use it on fabrics, rubber gaskets, seals, and corks, and it works great on holding them together.

The black one is also suitable to use on similar materials to repair tears and also works on paper.

They are both suitable for use on porous and non-porous surfaces.


Other than having excellent temperature resistance (-40°F to 176°F), the 3M Weatherstrip glues are also resistant to water, salt, oil, grease, detergent, etc.

They also withstand moderate impacts and vibration, making them all-weather type and highly reliable.

3M Weatherstrip Adhesive Black

Bonding Strength

Since both of these 3M Weatherstrip adhesives are permanent glues, they create a stronger and harder bond on most materials.

However, I must add that the application process also affects the bonding strength of these glues.

If you fail to apply or spread the adhesive in proper layers, they will fail to hold the materials together for a long time.

Drying and Cure Time

I was impressed by how quickly both adhesives dried on most of the materials I applied them on.

I’m saying most because the drying time can be more or less based on the material and environment.

Nevertheless, you can expect them to start drying and hardening in 3-5 minutes.

Even though they usually cure within an hour, it is best to wait at least 24 hours for the glues to cure completely.

Ease of Use

Applying the adhesives is a straightforward process, and you can do it directly from the tube.

However, since these are liquid and sticky substances, they are also messy. So make sure to apply them carefully in a safe workshop area.

But the good thing is that you can clean the mess without much hassle just by using a lint-free towel.

I would advise cleaning the mess without the glue dries out.


By aesthetic, I mean the appearance of the adhesive after application since they have different colors.

Though the adhesive is not always visible if you apply it correctly, the yellow one might still stick out and can be sore to the eye.

On the other hand, the black adhesive blends well with any material, and the color will not stand out.

However, the aesthetics of the adhesives often depend on the type of material or surface color you use them on.


Be careful when applying these adhesives, as they can easily stick to the skin. And it can be tough to remove.

Since they dry very fast and are permanent, removing them can also be a pain (not a pun).

On top of that, due to their chemical formula, both of these adhesives are extremely flammable. 


There isn’t a big difference between the price of these adhesives. 

However, the 3M Weatherstrip black adhesive costs a bit more than the yellow one.

Also, the price of these adhesives can be different based on the tube size, location, retailer, etc.

Is 3M Weatherstrip Yellow Adhesive Stronger Than Black?

When I was browsing through forums for information before testing the adhesives, I noticed that many users said the yellow one was stronger. 

But is it?

Well, I did not notice any significant difference between the two.

But the yellow adhesive certainly did a better job in some cases.

Final Opinion

After comparing the 3M Weatherstrip adhesive yellow vs. black, it was tough to choose one as they offer the same things, and the price gap is that big.

But it all depends on what you, as a user, expect from it.

They are both durable, dry fasters, and withstand harsh weather conditions.

But I agree with many users that the black one is an easy pick when you want a color that will blend with all surfaces.

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