3M VHB vs. Gorilla Tape

The 3M VHB and Gorilla tapes are suitable for permanent bonding. However, the VHB tape is more versatile and strong but is more expensive than the Gorilla tape.

Key Takeaways

  • The 3M VHB is used on various surfaces, can withstand higher temperatures, and is stronger.
  • The Gorilla tape is waterproof, bonds faster, and is affordable.
  • The 3M VHB tape is suitable for use on different textures, while the Gorilla tape is only for flat surfaces.

One of the most interesting things about comparing the 3M VHB vs. Gorilla tape is that they go head-to-head.

Both brands are popular, and the tapes are strong and reliable for use on various materials.

You will find today’s article helpful if you are looking for double-sided tapes that offer permanent bonding. 

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3M VHB vs. Gorilla Tape

About 3M VHB Tape

Ever since its arrival, the 3M VHB tape has been popular due to its heavy bonding ability on smooth and rough surfaces.

It creates a permanent bonding and is ideal for use in electronics, signage, metal, construction, transportation, etc., industries.

Moreover, you will find that this tape is easier to use and bonds faster than many other mounting tapes.

Besides, this tape is waterproof and tends to resist high temperatures.


About Gorilla Tape

Even the name “Gorilla” tells enough about this tape’s strength. The double-sided mounting tapes from Gorilla are incredibly good.

As they are highly resistant to heat and water, these tapes are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The Gorilla tape is also suitable for use on metal, glass, bricks, wood, ceramic, and even stone. On top of that, it is more affordable.

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Detailed Comparison Between 3M VHB And Gorilla Tape

Since both 3M VHB and Gorilla tapes are highly popular, it is tough to choose only one.

But as I used both, it was easier to compare their features and qualities to help you get a better idea. 

Tape Type

The 3M VHB (Very High Bond) is a double-sided tape. It is made with closed-cell acrylic foam and is suitable for use for permanent bonding.

Similarly, the Gorilla double-sided tape is made of acrylic and contains a strong adhesive formula.

Application Material

You can use the 3M VHB tape on various materials, such as HSE and LSE plastics, glass, ceramics, metals, steel, wood, brick, stone, etc. 

This mounting tape is widely used in automotive, transportation, signage, appliances, electronics, etc., industries.

And I would say the Gorilla mounting tape is more suitable to use on metal, wood, stone, glass, brick, ceramic, HSE plastic, etc.

However, this tape is not for the LSE plastics because it won’t work well.

Gorilla Tape

Application Surface

I have used the 3M VHB tape for different surfaces, such as flat, textured or irregular surfaces, without any issues.

But the Gorilla tape only works best on flat and smooth surfaces. Unlike the 3M VHB tape, it doesn’t work on uneven or textured surfaces.

Temperature Resistance

The application temperature for the 3M VHB is 32°F and 50°F for Gorilla.

The VHB tape can be used on surface temperatures as high as 450°F (intermittent).

But the Gorilla tape works best in temperatures up to 302°F (intermittent).

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Ease of Use

The perk of using double-sided mounting tapes is that they eliminate the use of various tools.

I barely needed anything when I used the VHB and Gorilla tapes. All I have to do is cut and trim them into appropriate sizes and apply them.

Bonding Strength

The bonding strength of these two tapes depends largely on what type of surface or material you use it on.

I applied them to both recommended and non-recommended surfaces. It turned out it is best to stay on the recommended surfaces.

The Gorilla tape is really sticky and bonded almost instantly. But the 3M VHB tape took some time.

Which One Lasts Longer?

From my experience, I can tell you that both 3M VHB and Gorilla double-sided tapes are unexpectedly good and last a long time.

They can even hold heavy weight in place for years without even budging a bit.

And though both tapes are quite durable, the Gorilla tape is more reliable in securing anything without worrying about the tape coming off.

In fact, even if you manage to remove the VHB tape, Gorilla is not going anywhere. And if you try to remove the glue, it can damage the surface or not come off entirely.

Can You Use 3M VHB and Gorilla Tape on Fabric?

My answer is no. The 3M VHB and Gorilla tapes are suitable to use on many things but fabrics.

 The adhesive formula of the tapes is not fabric-friendly because they are more suitable for solid and smoother surfaces.

Nevertheless, you can use them on fabrics depending on what kind of fabric you use them on and for what purpose.

Editor’s Pick

Comparing the 3M VHB vs. Gorilla tape tells you a lot about their differences. But which would I pick?

Well, while both are great, my vote would go with the 3M VHB.

Unlike the Gorilla tape, the VHB tape resists a higher temperature, allows you to mount two materials on uneven surfaces and does not come off easily.

But if I think about price and not looking for something too versatile, I would choose the Gorilla tape.

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