3M Spray Adhesive 90 Vs. 77

Between 3M 90 and 77 spray adhesive, the 3M 90 is stronger, has a high-temperature resistance, dries, and cures faster. But the 3M 77 costs less than the 3M 90.

Key Takeaways

  • The 3M 90 is a permanent glue suitable for heavy-duty work.
  • The 3M 77 is also permanent but suitable for light-duty work.
  • 3M 90 dries and cures faster than the 77 and is more expensive.

Choosing from  3M spray adhesive 90 vs. 77 can be very challenging as both are tough and reliable for various types of projects. 

But the best way to figure out their compatibility and performance is to compare them. And in today’s article, I have shared what I found out by testing both of these adhesives.

So feel free to give it a go.

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About 3M Spray Adhesive 90 and 77

The 3M 90 and 77 are industrial-grade adhesives and work best in all weather conditions.

However, I noticed that 3M 90 offers a strong bond for heavy-duty projects. And the 3M 77 is more suitable for light-duty projects.

Since these are spray adhesives, I could apply them easily with more precision on various materials.

But both offered different bonding and curing times. On top of that, the price varies, too, making it a little tough to decide which one I should go with.

3M 90 Spray Adhesive

3M Spray Adhesive 90 Vs. 77: Features Comparison

If you are looking forward to a more detailed discussion regarding the adhesives, make sure to read the following part.

Adhesive Type

The 3M 90 and 77 are aerosol adhesive. They come in cans and have attached spray nozzles for application.

These are transparent adhesives and really suitable to use on products without damaging their appearance.

Spray Pattern

The 3M 90 adhesive comes with a lace spray pattern. It is reliable for making even coatings and creating strong bonds between different types of materials.

On the other hand, the 3M 77 comes with a mist pattern. This type of pattern is excellent if you want to apply the glue in thin layers and with more precision.

But that shouldn’t be a huge problem because the nozzle applicators will help you spray the adhesive without overdoing it.


The 3M 90 adhesive is suitable for heavy-duty work that requires something stronger to create a permanent bonding. 

You can use it on a lot of materials, such as floor covering, wood panels, headliners, metal, plastic, concrete, etc. But you can also apply it on lightweight items, such as rubber, foam, fabric, paper, etc.

Unfortunately, the 3M 77 is a little less versatile than the 3M 90. You can only apply it for lightweight projects, such as fabric, foam, paper, rubber, wood, leather, etc.

3M Spray Adhesive 77

Drying Time

If you are applying the 3M 90, you better be quick! Because it is a fast-drying adhesive and usually starts drying after 10-15 seconds.

But depending on the temperature, it can take a few minutes to dry completely.

However, the 3M 77 dries comparatively slowly. It can take 30 seconds to several minutes to dry completely.

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Cure Time

The 3M 90 takes only about 10-15 minutes to cure at room temperature. And the 3M 77 was cured within 30 minutes.

But just to be safe, I would advise leaving them for 12 to 24 hours for a better result.


If you want to take a little time with bonding two or more materials, the 3M 77 would be a fine choice as it takes time to dry.

The more layers you apply, the more time it will take, and give you enough time to make adjustments.

But I can’t say that you will have that luxury with 3M 90. As it dries really fast, you won’t get much time to make adjustments.


Even if the 3M 90 is a super strong adhesive, its high cost can be a drawback for many users.

The 3M 77, on the other hand, comes at a more reasonable price.


3M claims that the 77 adhesive contains low VOCs. Despite that, it emits chemicals, and I suggest wearing safety masks when using it.

The same goes for 3M 90 because it contains a strong chemical formula. 

I must also add that both adhesives are flammable, and you must stay away from flames when spraying them.

Users’ Reviews

I checked on various platforms to check user ratings before buying the adhesives.

And it turns out that the 3M 90 has better user ratings and positive reviews than the 3M 77.

However, the rating can vary from platform to platform.

Is 3M 90 Spray Adhesive Stronger Than 77?

With its high-grade formula, the 3M works more effectively than the 77. On top of that, it can resist higher and lower temperatures than the 3M 77.

And this glue is more durable than the latter, which makes it stronger.

The 3M 77 is a medium-strength adhesive and is more suitable for projects that require something lighter.

Which One Is More Popular?

If comparing the 3M spray adhesive 90 vs. 77 wasn’t enough, knowing which one is more popular can help you to make the final decision.

In terms of affordability, the 3M 77 is more popular, especially among people who use it for crafts and light-duty projects.

And the 3M 90 is popular among users who need something more robust, strong, and cures faster. And they don’t mind paying some extra bucks for it.

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