3M 90 Vs. Gorilla Spray Adhesive

The 3M 90 and Gorilla spray adhesive are suitable for creating long-term bonding. However, the 3M 90 dries faster and is stronger than Gorilla glue.

Key Takeaways

  • The 3M 90 creates permanent bonding and dries extremely fast.
  • The Gorilla spray adhesive is also permanent but less strong than 3M 90.
  • The Gorilla spray is removable, but the 3M 90 isn’t.

The 3M 90 and Gorilla spray adhesives are pretty great when it comes to bonding materials for a variety of projects.

This type of glue can also help you apply more precisely without creating a lot of mess. 

However, the 3M 90 and Gorilla glues have their own differences, such as bonding strength, drying time, shelf life, etc.

That is why it is essential to compare 3M 90 vs. Gorilla spray adhesive to determine which would work better for your project.

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3M 90 Vs. Gorilla Spray Adhesive

About 3M 90 Spray Adhesive

The 3M 90 is a versatile and fast-drying permanent adhesive. It is highly preferred for bonding wood, cement, fabric, cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, etc.

Its spray-application method helps apply the adhesive with more precision. On top of that, it dries pretty fast.

Because of its versatility, this glue is preferred by people who love DIY or crafting projects.

3M 90 Spray Adhesive

About Gorilla Spray Adhesive

The Gorilla spray adhesive is known as one of the strongest permanent glues. It’s a heavy-duty and permanent glue and very easy to apply.

It is resistant to water and suitable for a range of projects, such as wood, glass, leather, plastic, paper, foam, etc. 

The best part is that you can remove it in most cases without damaging the material’s surface.

Detailed Comparison

To understand the features and usage of the 3M 90 and Gorilla adhesive more, I have discussed them in detail in the following part.

Adhesive Type and Application

Both the 3M 90 and Gorilla spray adhesives come in aerosol forms and spray cans of different sizes.

You can apply these adhesives to various surfaces using the spray nozzle attached to the can. 

Gorilla Spray Adhesive


The 3M 90 adhesive is more suitable for use on wood, plastic, headlines of truck caps, etc. 

On the other hand, the Gorilla adhesive is suitable for a more diverse use. You can use it to bond plastic, wood, glass, leather or latex, headliners, fabric, etc. 

Spraying Accuracy

The Gorilla spray adhesive is pretty good if you want to spray more accurately. That way, you can avoid making a mess.

But the 3M 90 stands out when it comes to even better spraying accuracy.

Its “web-spray” patterns help apply the adhesive more accurately than the Gorilla glue.

Ease Of Use

The advantage of these spray adhesives is that you can avoid getting them on your skin. 

While other jar or tube glues require using hands or an applicator, you can use 3M 90 and Gorilla spray adhesives directly from the cans.

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Drying and Cure Time

Compared to the Gorilla glue, 3M 90 dries pretty fast. The glue takes only a minute or two to dry and harden completely.

And, though the Gorilla adhesive dries within a minute, it can take up to 10 minutes to cure completely.

Temperature and Water Resistance

The Gorilla adhesive is reliable to use in any weather condition as it does not expand or shrink due to temperature change,

However, there is a misconception that the glue is waterproof, which is not true. While it does resist water, it is not entirely waterproof.

As for the 3M 90 adhesive, you can easily apply it at temperatures between 60°F and 100°F. It also resists moisture.

Unfortunately, like the Gorilla glue, the 3M 90 is not water resistant.


The 3M 90 and Gorilla spray adhesives expand after application. But since it dries too fast, you get a little time to remove the excessive expansion.

And once it sticks, removing the glue without damaging the surface is almost impossible.

That is why it is essential to apply this glue with more precision and accuracy.

The Gorilla adhesive also expands through the holes and cracks after applying.

But thanks to its slow drying and cure time, it gives you the advantage of removing excessive glue. The best part is that you can even remove the glue using heat or blowing dryer if necessary.


The problem with spray sealants is that they contain chemicals that have potential risks. The same goes for 3M 90 and Gorillay spray adhesives.

You must keep away from heat, flame, and other heat sources when applying them.

Shelf Life

Though the description on Gorilla glue says it has a shelf life of 2 to 3 years, it doesn’t usually last that long.

But you can expect it to remain in good condition for at least 12-15 months after opening the can.

On the contrary, the 3M 90 has a shorter shelf life. If the can is opened, it will last less than a year.

Is 3M 90 A Stronger Adhesive Than Gorilla?

Comparing 3M 90 vs. Gorilla spray adhesive clearly shows that they perform differently.

While both are permanent adhesive, 3M creates a stronger bond than Gorilla. And unlike Gorilla glue, 3M 90 cannot be removed.

So if you want something strong like that, the 3M 90 is the best choice.

Editor’s Opinion

Between 3M 90 and Gorilla spray sealants, the first one offers more resistance to healing and water than the other. 

The Gorilla glue depends on moisture to activate, something the 3M 90 does not require.

But the 3M offers less time to make adjustments when bonding something as it dries faster. You don’t have to worry about it when using Gorilla spray sealant.

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