3M 5200 Fast Cure Vs Regular

Since both 3M 5200 fast cure and regular are versatile and suitable for several types of projects, it is natural to wonder if they work in the same way.

Well, they do not, and that’s why it is essential to compare 3M 5200 fast cure vs regular. 

Article Highlights 

  • The 3M 5200 has a fast turnaround and is highly reliable for quick projects.
  • The 3M 5200 regular offers a more flexible work time with an extended cure time.
  • Both are industrial-grade glues, suitable for use on wood, fiberglass, plastic, gel coats,  portholes, etc.

Both adhesives have different skin and cure times. And they also perform differently on different surfaces and materials.

Want to learn more? Then, I suggest you stick to the article (no pun intended) until the end.

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3M 5200 Fast Cure Vs Regular

About 3M 5200 Fast Cure 

The 3M 5200 fast cure is a one-part adhesive, which doesn’t require mixing. 

This permanent and multi-purpose sealant is meant to fix decks, wood, fiberglass, porthole mounting, and more. 

Its unique formula allows it to cure faster, making it suitable for short-term projects. With high tensile strength, this adhesive is your best for a permanent fix.

3M 5200 Fast Cure Adhesive

About 3M 5200 Regular

Similar to 3M 5200 FC, the regular one is also a one-part sealant.

It is highly suitable for projects that take longer to fix. Its polyurethane takes effect gradually, giving you more time.

This flexible glue resists shock or vibration and withstands rough weather conditions.

Detailed Comparison

If you want to know which glue works for what type of project, it is best to compare them. That is why I have discussed everything in more detail. 

So before you start sticking them everywhere, make sure to read the following part first.

Adhesive Type

The 3M 5200 fast cure and regular are polyurethane adhesive. It means these glues are strong and reliable for a variety of projects.

However, the 5200 fast cure has a different formula than the regular one.

That is why both adhesives react and work differently.


You should also know that they are both permanent. Once the glues cure, there is no way back.

You will find tips and hacks on websites and forums telling you that you can remove them.

But I must tell you that no matter what you do, the glue will not come off entirely.

And the attempt will damage the material you used them on.

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Water Resistance

If you plan to apply them to marine projects, you must pay attention to their ability to resist water.

The 3M 5200 fast cure has a higher resistance to water, shocks, vibration, etc. It is highly recommended for upper and below water levels.

And though the 5200 regular can be used below water, it is not always the best idea.

That is because it takes an even longer time to cure underwater.

3M 5200 Regular Adhesive

Bonding Strength

There is a significant difference between the bonding strength of 3M 5200 and 5200 regular adhesives. 

The 3M 5200 fast cure has a 1000 psi tensile strength. On the other hand, the 5200 regular has a tensile strength of 700 psi.

It clearly shows that the 5200 fast cure will create a stronger bond than the regular sealant.

Tack Free Time

The adhesive’s tack-free time is the duration of time the glue takes to form the skin or stop being sticky.

In this case, the 5200 fast cure is the best option, taking only about 60 to 90 minutes.

On the contrary, the 5200 regular can take up to 48 hours. 

Cure Time

The curing time of the glues also makes the most significant difference in their performance.

Just as the name suggests, the 5200 FC will cure fully within 24 hours. 

However, the regular one takes 5 to 7 days to cure, depending on the environment or temperature.


Regarding what I said above, because the regular 5200 adhesive takes longer to cure, it gives you some advantages.

As the glue cures slowly, you can make any necessary adjustments. That’s why the 5200 regular is ideal for projects that require more time.

Unfortunately, you cannot do the same with 5200 fast cure.

Since it cures faster, it is more suitable for short-time projects with immediate actions.


Since these glue sealants are permanent, you can expect them both to last a long time. 

Once cured fully, they are capable of withstanding water and salt. Moreover, the glues will not tear or crack easily.

Best Way to Cure The Regular 3M 5200 Faster

When it comes to adhesive, there is no shortcut. However, our editor suggests a thing or two regarding curing the regular 3M 5200 faster.

The 3M 5200 regular adhesive reacts to moisture. So, if you want it to work faster, try spraying mist over the area.

You can also cover the area with a soaked towel so that it can take in the moisture.

You should also remember that even though the hack has been proven to be effective, the curing process will not always speed up by much.

You might still have to wait 3-5 days for the adhesive to cure fully.

Also, I believe it is best to let the adhesive cure at its own speed for the best result.

Because slow and steady always wins the race!

Editor’s Opinion

The 3M 5200 fast cure will cure faster, giving you a short time to make necessary adjustments. But it will save you time and help you get the job done faster.

On the other hand, the 5200 regular will cure slowly, giving you more time to adjust the parts. But it will be less strong than 5200 fast cure.

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