3M 08115 vs. 08116 vs. 07333

When choosing the best panel bonding adhesive, the 3M products are quite good. There are 3M 07115, 08116, and 07333 that are being discussed here. 

The first one is a professional-grade, versatile adhesive with excellent adhesion and extended work time. 

The second one is a budget-friendly, heat-cured adhesive with glass bead technology. The third one is an impact-resistant glue with color-changing technology. 

To know in detail, check out the 3M 08115 Vs. 08116 Vs. 07333 comparison first. 

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3M 08115 vs. 08116 vs. 07333 

About 3M 08115

The 3M 08115 panel adhesive is a two-part epoxy with different specifications that make it a good one. It has epoxy technology with corrosion inhibition and a heat cure feature. 

It is a professional-grade adhesive that is recommended by many OEMs. This product provides extended work time. So, you get to work with it for a long time in case the areas need alignment. 

It creates an incredible adhesion on many materials like aluminum, steel, plastic, metal, SMC & FRP. To fix roof skins, door skins, box sides, quarter panels, bumper covers, and things like that, 3M 08115 is the best solution. 

Moreover, this adhesive can be rapidly cured with heat. It contains a 200ml product that goes a long way. 

Besides, the glass bead technology protects over-clamping and maintains a minimum bond line thickness. 

The 3M 08115 is easy to use. One of the reasons is the included nozzle. It has two static mixing nozzles that make the application precise and easy. 

It is easier and faster than welding. You should know that it is only for industrial purposes. It sets up hard and is considered better than welding. 

However, it is a little expensive. It works great for cab corners, rocker panels, and alignment as well. Make sure you control the glue where it will get the perfect outcome. 

3M 08115

About 3M 08116 

The 3M 08116 is a cost-effective panel bonding adhesive. It is also a two-part epoxy adhesive that can be used on a variety of plastics and metals similar to the 08115 adhesive. 

Moreover, it has a corrosion-inhibiting facility, is professional-grade, has excellent adhesion features that provide extended work time, and is rapidly cured with heat. These features are also there in the 3M 08115 adhesive. 

It can be heat-cured, making the process much easier than any other panel bonding adhesives. 

Also, it has glass bead technology. It protects against overclamping and maintains a minimum bond line thickness. The 3M 08116 is recommended by many OEMs. 

Compatible materials are metal, plastic, steel, glass, and more. As it comes in a liquid form, you can easily apply it to the areas where proper adhesion is needed. It comes in black. 

Further, the product includes nozzles. It helps to provide easy and accurate application. Also, the nozzle saves a lot of time compared to welding. 

The product is affordable enough for industrial and occupational purposes. It is used to bond replacement body panels. 

It has a short curing time. It cures within 24 hours, and the work time is around 90 minutes. 

You can use the 08116 adhesive to bond quarter panels, door skins, roof skins, box sides, bumper covers, and a lot more that is similar to 3M 08115. 

However, one drawback is you need a special caulking gun. Without it, you cannot use the glue. 

This glue works great for bonding metal patch panels. It is one of the best panel bonding adhesives you can ever get. 

3M 08116

About 3M 07333 

3M 07333 is an Impact-resistant structural adhesive. It is also a two-part epoxy glue. It has a higher impact strength. Also, the adhesive includes a professional-grade feature. 

The extraordinary feature of this adhesive is the color-indicated curing facility. That means it dispenses silver and changes color to purple so that it can indicate proper mixing. That’s how the curing process starts. 

Moreover, there is the impact performance and optimized shear as well as color changing and corrosion inhibition technology. 

Besides, it has a static mixing nozzle included that makes the entire process easier. But the issue is you cannot use this product for personal or DIY use. 

The product is only for industrial and occupational purposes. The good thing is, it has a lifetime warranty that the previous products don’t have. 

It includes corrosion protection as well. It sticks to steel and aluminum materials. Overall, this one is good and long-lasting. 

3M 07333

Things to Differentiate 3M 08115, 3M 08116, and 3M 07333 Adhesives 

To know the main things about these three 3M products, you should go to the basics. 

These are the adhesives that have some similar as well as different features for different applications. 

See the details below. 

Performance Comparison

When it comes to the performance factor, there are some similarities between the products. All three products are easy to use, dry harder than welding, and are durable. 

Also, you can have plenty of time when working with them. All these products include nozzles. That’s why it becomes easier and faster to use. 

But one thing that’s not similar is about the third one. The 3M 08115 and 3M 08116 are the panel bonding adhesives. But the 3M 07333 is an impact-resistant structural adhesive. 

Use Cases and Recommendations

All these 3M products are suitable for automotive applications and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including steel, metal, and plastics. 

Further, the adhesives are recommended by many OEMs. The 3M 08115 is the expensive one, and the 3M 08116 is the cost-effective one. 

The 3M 07333 is an exceptional one. It comes with a lifetime warranty that the other two don’t have. 

Professional Vs. DIY Use 

According to the previous discussion of all three products, all three products are good for professional and occupational uses. They are not recommended for DIY purposes at all. 

The 3M 08116 is the cost-effective one, and the 08115 is the pricey one. So, the cost-effective one, thus 3M 08116 is value for different user groups. 

Customer Reviews and Feedback

The three 3M products include different customer reviews and feedback. 

Most of the users talk positively about the 3M 08115 panel adhesive. Some of them hint at some tips and tricks as well. The only drawback they mention is the necessity of using a caulking gun. 

Using the gun is a must. If someone doesn’t have the gun then he cannot use the glue. That’s the only barrier mentioned. 

A similar review is seen for 3M 08116 panel adhesive. The product is mostly similar to the first product mentioned here. It is considered a sturdy one. Some users suggested using a primer. 

It sets up hard which is considered better than welding. The product works well on aluminum siding, fiberglass, steel sheet, etc. 

Users consider the 3M 07333 impact-resistant structural adhesive to be the safe and effective one. Some users also suggested using a primer before applying the product. 

Editor’s Opinion

Now that you are aware of all the information and specifications of these three products, you should choose one for your project. 

According to the 3M 08115 Vs. 08116 Vs. 07333 comparison, the affordable one is the 08116, the pricey one is the 08115, and the impact-resistant with a lifetime warranty is the 07333 adhesive. 

If you want the lifetime warranty feature, go for the 3M 07333. If you don’t want to spend much and want a decent outcome, the 3M 08116 is better. 

Choose according to the details and get the best results. 

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